We are offering FREE 12 month warranty with every devices we sell to give you extra peace of mind.

What is covered?

• Technical defects
• Faulty software
• Internal parts gone haywire
• Battery issues

What is not covered?

Warranty can be void in case of
• Accidental damage
• Damage to screens, fascia’s and surrounds (Inc. fading and discolouration)
• Any other physical damaged
• Liquid damage
• Issues caused by third party software
• Issues caused by unlocking your device

Rooting or unauthorised modification of software
Repaired by third party will void the warranty
• Any components added since the item was originally sold to you

Please Note:
Your warranty will also be void if we find evidence that the item has been opened up in a way that may have affected the device. Because the cheap parts like replacement screen or battery can damage the device.

How warranty works
Our technician will inspect the device, if the problem isn’t covered by the warranty, or if the warranty has been void. We will inform you same day.
If the problem is covered by the warranty, our technicians will attempt to fix the issue and return your item to a fully working condition. If we are unable to fix the issue, we will arrange a replacement item of the same description within 2-3 working days. Your fixed or replacement item will be sent back to you within 2-3 working days.

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